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Map of Airports in Middle East

Middle East is a continent with an area of 3,769,470 square miles and a population of 410,000,000. You have the choice between 24 airports handling over 252,404,084 passengers in 12 different middle eastern countries. Please choose your destination from the map to find the available airports or click directly on the country name in the list.

Country Airports Area
Bahrain Bahrain 1 471 sq mi
Iran Iran 3 1,023,529 sq mi
Israel Israel 2 13,706 sq mi
Jordan Jordan 2 55,481 sq mi
Kuwait Kuwait 1 11,064 sq mi
Lebanon Lebanon 1 6,458 sq mi
Oman Oman 2 192,199 sq mi
Qatar Qatar 1 7,194 sq mi
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 4 1,334,957 sq mi
Syria Syria 1 114,996 sq mi
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates 4 51,915 sq mi
Yemen Yemen 2 327,868 sq mi
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